The Bachelor Begins

For fun ‘n laughs, I’m currently running a sweepstake in our office for The Bachelor, and so thought I might share my weekly musings on my blog as well 😛

And we’re off and running! Special mentions to:

  •  Holly the pro netballer scored a goal with the early lead – taking out the much sought after white rose for “best first impression”!
  • Anita the dog groomer (with surprisingly shaggy hair?!) whose best comments include that she hunts, not gathers took out “best crazy stalker” so far – and despite spying in bushes all night just scraped into the final 20.
  •  Disney princess Diana who brought Blake his own plastic crown – and made him wear it.
  •  Katrina who mistook it all for an X Factor audition
  •  Laurina who preferred to be “mysterious” by polishing the table
  •  Jess aka Bambi eyes is an early favourite
  •  4 ladies got the chop already – Emma who awkwardly insisted on offering him a fresh drink when his glass was already full; Emma L and Karla the wallflowers who basically said nothing all night – a sure sign you’re leaving; and Samantha who rivalled Anita for best on ground.


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