The Bachelor Update – 2 more bite the dust!

The office sweepstake fun ‘n games continues! In a bonus episode last night, a controversial ‘fake wedding photo shoot’ saw our Bachelor cull 2 more ladies!

  •  After throwing a tantrum at the hairstylist, not even her steely look of success could save Tiarnar 
  • Clearly on a mission to cull those with made up pageant names & zero air time, Blake booted Bridgette Rose. Better watch out Stacey Louise! 
  • Whilst Jess aka Bambi melted his heart and the ice skating rink by going in for the kiss – not once, but twice! Odds now 3:1 
  • The stunning robo-model Laurina continued to add to her “mystery” by getting upset that other ladies got to leave the house whilst she was stuck there 
  • And our old pal Anita continued to get her crazy eyes on

Until next time!

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