The Bachelor #3 – More fireworks than 4th of July

And we’re back with bells on! High drama in tha house!

  •  Blake took Holly on a romantic seaplane flight over Sydney followed by a symphony on the beach. Holly burst into tears at the level of cheesiness the producers were willing to go to on this show. The date finished on an #awkward moment when Blake only went in for the peck on the cheek – no goals scored by the pro netballer! 
  • Amber is our new cray-cray!! Proving not all Canadians are polite, that horses can be danger, duck size or not – throwing an adult tanty to rival John McEnroe. Anita now looks like a puppy dog by comparison (dog groomer pun :P) 
  • More fireworks than 4th July! Laurina decided to cut in on Anita’s lunch just to tell Blake how awesome her life is without him already! Sam got up in her grill and started throwing coins the way of the swear jar! Amber unleashed her full crazy on Laurina causing Lisa to hug it out! 
  • Amanda made the classic mistake of talking to camera for the first time ever = GONE-SKI. 
  • Were the rest of us even at the cocktail party?! 
  • Osher has started wearing cashmere sweaters and Nina chose Leo!! Oh sorry – wrong show! Offspring finale, sniff 🙂

And thanks to a friend for coming across this on the interwebs! Created by a radio station based on the crazy vs hot matrix which I’m only just hearing about haha!


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