The Bachelor Sweepstake #4 – Helicopters, hiking and Holly

So many twists and turns – and that was just the aerobatics. Highlights: 

  • Lisa went on the single date to ‘Blake’s favourite restaurant’ (even though he lives in Perth… and it seemingly requires an elaborate helicopter flight/aerobatics plane/another helicopter flight just to get there from Sydney). Naively thought she scored the first kiss. Bambi Jess laughed maniacally. 
  • New breakout star Amber threw a tanty because she hasn’t been on a date. Seems to have forgotten that’s probably because she threw a tanty and fled the last one. Next week’s ad looks like she’s aiming for a dateless tanty trifecta. 
  • Everyone went camping – no one needed to pack cheese, the nature shots were full of it already. 
  • Our first walk-out! Holly did NOT accept this rose – controversially choosing her netball career over a 1 in 14 shot at lifelong happiness with a random stranger she just met on TV !! 
  • Stacey Louise got overconfident but succumbed to the beauty pageant name culling – gone! 
  • Shana the poker dealer found out Blake already had a full house when he royally flushed her out (boom!)

 Until next time 😛

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