Bachelor Update #5 – Fast cars and even faster women

Despite the race cars, last night’s episode was a bit slow folks – but here’s the update: 

  • Sam went on an icecream date to a 50s diner – that despite having zero other customers only had ONE SPOON! What are the chances haha?! Needless to say the sundae came with a generous side helping of cheese 😉 Sam wasted no time in diving in for a kiss either – Blake’s tally currently at 3.5 from 4 ?! 
  • Winning at the race track date gave Chantal a chance at actual screen time that wasn’t just her narrating the whole plot. 
  • Jess showed Bambi has a dark side, duping Amber into spitting the dummy once again. But crazy Amber had the last laugh, scoring a “secret” date – that was so secret they showed none of it… we are left to ponder if Amber somehow scored a rose by inventing a charming personality or possibly just stole it on the way out? 
  • Katrina showed her skilled hands are not only for guitar, but also drawing pictures of what Blake would look like as an old man… not creepy, at all… 
  • Lauren made the rookie error of getting too much air time this week and rollerskated her way off into the sunset. Amber gave the worst pretend cry performance of the year!

 Tonight, the Double Date of Doom – 2 girls enter, 1 girl leaves!!


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