The Bachelor Update #6 – 3 strikes and out!

Not 1, not 2, but 3 ladies struck out last night in an action packed instalment! 

  • The Double Date of Doom saw 2 blonde curly haired girls enter, 1 leave. We were suddenly introduced to Zoe who has never spoken before and everyone just assumed was Katrina’s clone – she has come from an outside barrier to take the late lead! Bachelor of course ambushed her for a kiss on the way out. (Seriously, is he going for a Bachelor Date Kissing Guiness World Record?!) And poor Katrina – you sealed your fate sunshine when you drew the creepy pic of him as an old man. (WHY?!!) 
  • Next stop a group pool party which looked a bit like Ken + many Barbies + lots of Edam CHEESE. Chantal you were doing so well at being intelligent sweetheart until you talked us through how best to pop a hip to look good lying on a towel. 
  • Diana and Blake shared the most cringeworthy convo ever to take place on an inflatable swan. Cos I like to travel, you guys. No Disney ending for this princess wannabe – Gone!  
  • I was worried for Alana when she started talking to camera for the first time but NO! She’s safe! A new dark horse has emerged! 
  • Anita resorted to her bunny boiler ways and maniacally told Blake they could be living in Perth, married with 3 kids within the next few years. The look on his face said it all. Gone! 

Then there were 10 – OR WERE THERE?!! Next week’s promo shows NEW LADIES entering the house!! Amber does NOT look impressed!!!     

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