The Bachelor Update #8 – So much drama, so little time

Where to even begin with all the drama in the house last night! Here’s your quick guide Excel model of what went down:

9 women in 1 house for 6 weeks with 0 outside contact

+ fighting for 1 Bachelor

+ 6 new intruders

= possibly the best thing to happen on Australian TV in 2014  – TOTAL MELTDOWN!!! 😉 

  • Luscious Louise went on a super yacht ride with Blake, who she mistook for Daniel Craig. He again went in for the kiss – with the amount of pashing going on in this house let’s just hope none of them have Mumps. Red Lips Louise has now taken the lead. 
  • Pretty sure Blake’s personality appears to have also not accepted a rose and left – the longest sentence I’ve heard him say is “are you in this for love?” 

THEN 6 new ladies entered the game!

  • Blake let slip what we’ve all been thinking – “Is this quest for love never going to end?!!” 
  • Sam lost it and couldn’t even deal and shock horror would not speak to the Bach! 
  • Amber is clearly still caught up in EOFY excitement, declaring “her stock is depreciating in value, and her stock never diminishes”. Proving she’s secretly the smartest of them all/a good actress, she threw the rose back in Blake’s face causing the (producers)/Blake to beg her to stay on national TV. Well played Amber, well played. 
  • Laurina just gets better and better, stating there is NO WAY she and her classy lady friends/(aka Blake’s harem?) was sharing a bathroom with any of these new trashy entrants. 
  • 2 newbies whose back story they never bothered to show clearly got the chop.


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