The Bachelor Update #9 – More emotional rollercoasters than a Dockers game

Last night we went on more emotional rollercoasters – literally, at Luna Park.  

  • Chantal aka The Narrator finally got her time to shine. Only to be outshone by a cameo from Adriano “just happened to whip up a chocolate dessert creation that looks exactly like rose petals” Zumbo – who is clearly stuck in a Ch10 contract clause of 5mins airtime per calendar year and Masterchef didn’t need a 6ft high croquembouche challenge(/torture) 
  • Group date at Luna Park had plenty of ups and downs…some of them rides. The cheese:fairy floss ratio was heavily in cheese’s favour. Yes, there were aggressive dodge-em cars. 
  • Kara went up the ferris wheel and somehow came back with a rose  
  • Jess demonstrated she was best at not falling off a fast moving spinning circle – as this skill clearly shows who is wife material. Then pashed Blake on the carousel and broke all sorts of harem-group date etiquette rules. Chaos ensued. 
  • Laurina got feisty at Jess as never, in the 15 countries she has been to, has she seen such blatant disregard for harem etiquette. But then told Blake it wasn’t his fault – as he clearly has an uncontrollable kissing problem – so decided to stay. 
  • Newbie Anastasia got the cut because the thought of sharing time with Blake made her nauseous.

Until next time – the sweepstake continues haha! 🙂


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