Sweepstake Update #10 – Bachelor gets a lei plus a bun in the oven

Last night was sponsored by Kraft Singles … (boom! A pun about cheese + dating!! Haha :P)

  • Zoe was whisked away to a fake Vanuatu… aka a Sydney beach with some paid hula dancers and the Bachelor got a lei 😛 Yes – they did the limbo. Zoe is emerging as leading contender! Of course, they pashed. In front of the sunset. 
  • Group date was a dessert bake-off, minus Adriano Zumbo who was recovering from the dizzying career high of appearing in the last episode. The role of George Colomabaris was however, played by Red Lips Louise – who tried to ensure there was enough cheese to actually bake with – seeing so much cheese had been used up by the producers staging a fake Vanuatu. She succeeded, and baked, wait for it… a CHEESEcake 😛 
  • New girl Mary decorated her cake like Blake’s house. If this is the type of real estate he’s been trying to sell, no wonder he needs a side career. 
  • Amber loudly declared she was going to sabotage someone; turned off Kara’s oven; then was outraged for being accused of sabotage. Nefarious plans are not her strong point. Along with kindness and grace! 
  • Kara got voted off the island. 


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