Bachelor #13 – Giddyup

I confess I missed the live broadcast last night, so when I got home I fast-forwarded through to the end. Yet amazingly even by stopping briefly about every 10mins I somehow still managed to glean everything that happened (I know, shock, given how deep and profound this show is!).

  • Lisa got the crazy hat fashion memo and went to the races with Blake. It was only a 2 horse race, unlike her quest for love. There was a weird moment where he gave Lisa a massage. (Blake, not the jockey). I couldn’t deal and had to keep fastforwarding. He said he was prepared to travel for love. Considering his favourite restaurant in the whole world is somewhere in rural NSW, I personally would hope he showed as much commitment to love as a meal.
  • Group date was at a haunted house. No, not the one they all live in where women can be heard wailing Blaaaaaaake in the middle of the night. Bambi Jess again ticked everyone off by, as Bogan Sam put it, getting up in Blake’s grill.
  • Laurina had to go to hospital – but was apparently “overjoyed” to get a rose. Cos I’m sure that is really all she could think about at the time.
  • Cocktail party – Chantal continued her narration of the entire plot but this time right to Blake’s face. “All the girls are annoyed that you are really just dating Bambi”. The ad promised Blake would actually use his voice and he didn’t disappoint. “Well, she shows initiative and the rest of you should.” Yes, this actually happened haha – what a catch ladies!
  • In an ending as predictable as a Michael Bay film, final newbie Lauren got the boot.

Masquerade ball tonight! Cos it’s not like any of them will recognise each other 😛

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