Bachelor #14 – Diamonds aren’t forever

I admit I missed the whole thing entirely last night!

But word on the street is Chantal was finally fully friend zoned and is out. Interesting for 2 reasons:

  • Last episode she tried to engage him in a conversation that would actually be deeper than a paddle pool and after he realised he could not respond with 1 of his 3 pre-programmed phrases (my jaw hit the ground, she took my breath away, I was in the moment) – he knew it would never work out haha
  • Last single date he showered her with diamonds, a Zumbo dessert and said their chemistry was through the roof… only to now say they had zero spark. Caught out telling porky pies?? Or should that be, porky DIRTY STREET PIES????? 😛

I also heard Red Lips Louise went on fancy date and it was a masquerade rose ceremony, at which Laurina played hard to get by hanging out in the kitchen.

Zee plot thickens – now it FINALLY gets interesting and anyone’s game! Will it be the unicorn, the bogan, the ice queen, the curly wurly, the Martha Stewart or the all-rounder ???

And the even bigger question – who will narrate the action for us now?? 😛

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