Bachelor Sweepstake Finale – SCANDAL! DRAMA! GIRAFFES!

After all last night’s #DRAMA – let’s wrap this baby up !!

  • First Blake’s family – the good cop mother and the bad cop aunty – grilled the 2 girls. Just like Red Foo – they couldn’t decide so we went to DEADLOCK.
  • Lisa got taken on a magical balloon ride over the savannah – one sight of giraffes was enough to convince her she was in love with Blake. When she told him, he declared “you don’t know how happy that makes me (to score 3 from 3 with all my final ladies yeah baby yeah!)
  • Sam got taken on a dawn safari and once we saw him take a selfie with her we immediately knew this was the real deal. But –  he cut his face out of the photo by accident = perhaps a precursor of WHAT WAS TO COME LATER!?!
  • He stomped all over Lisa’s heart like a herd of elephants. Who appeared to have been in that exact spot at some point, seeing as he was standing in what looked like the skeletal rib cage of a woolly mammoth? #romance. Remember this scene from Lion King?? Exact match. Clearly, Spotlight team were still back in Cape Town that day #noglitter

tlk_hd_1258 vs Capture


  • So he actually proposes to Sam and we think they are walking off into the sunset (apparently, actually being stalked by some stray lions, clearly sent by Laurina).


All media cancelled and we find out they are already SPLITSVILLE! Shock! Horror! Rumours abound that Lisa was having his baby, or that Sam felt too betrayed after realising he declared his love for Every. Single. Girl.

But then this in Sam’s official Twitter account today, it seems Blake broke it off with her!!

And is ‘back in touch’ with Lisa and Jess…

So in the end, no real “winner” in the quest for love. Sniff. But one of our team still took out sweepstake glory!

#cantwaittillnextyear 😀 It’s been a grand ride peeps!

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