The Bachelorette S1 Ep#4 – Man-igans & Turkish Delight

Forget hooded denim vests, this week Alex is busting out his Fall man-igan collection. He must be dressing to impress as he scores the single entomological date featuring moths AND butterflies. Hats off to you Ch10 for such a puntastic combo.  That’s right, it’s time for aerobatics in a Tiger Moth followed by a trip to the Butterfly House, because Sam wants to see if he can set her heart aflutter as much as when you are hanging upside down trying not to hurl.

Alex shows up with yet another wardrobe surprise – what appears to be his best knitted Christmas sweater. Sam declares she wants to see another side to Alex, evidently the inside of his stomach as they proceed to do the loop-de-loops. Alex mistakes himself for Bruce Willis in Die Hard and lets slip a “Yippee ki yay!” which I think is about the rudest word this English gentleman can muster and we immediately love the bald eagle even more.

Cut to group date time, and it’s time for the ‘dorks’ to play the ‘jocks’ in Dodgeball – so naturally like any good Mighty Ducks film we immediately know the dorks will triumph. Osher is emphatically blowing his whistle in a manner reminiscent of the Captain lining up the Von Trapp children. Davey thinks he’s Ben Stiller but in a surprise twist we learn that Will the Young Einstein haired muso actually has abs and wins the day. 

The dorks score a trip to the Turkish Baths (which is a REAL THING in the middle of Sydney?!) where they get to smear mud all over Sam in the name of ‘exfoliation’ and unbearably awkward TV. Team captain Richie even gets to share a spa with Sam which Waldecks has thoughtfully tipped a sack of rose petals into in blatant disregard for filter blockage.

Time for the cocktail party, where it appears the lads have all had a craft-ernoon. ‘Soccer player’ Michael who is normally so good at being creative given how much he has imagined his whole ‘pro’ career, has made what appears to be a mix tape, that age old tradition that is all about compiling music you think your sweetheart will love. But no, he’s just found an empty cassette case and filled it with index cards that are all about him. Like this pearler that demonstrates the depth of his existential thinking:

Suffice to say I don’t think Shakespeare has anything to worry about.

Sasha meanwhile has drawn a really heartfelt piece of art using hidden messages within Sam’s favourite number, in what looks like something straight out of one of those new rage adult colouring books:

He dances, he draws, he dives through windows. Sasha could have this in the bag BUT we know never to trust the editors when they show us an early favourite!

Double whammy as not one but two fail to score a corsage! Will the muso, who never really had a chance, and shock horror Kieren who never really did anything. Sam is obviously not a fan of either Muppet hair, or freshly tossed salad (that’s hipster speak for his haircut)!

Next time – OMG peeps, Sam takes both Tony and Davey out on a boat where one of them really will end up swimming with the fishes – as only one man returns!!

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