The Bachelorette Blog S1 Ep#7 – Wilted Spinach in the Conservatory with Colonel Mustard

Osher swings by the Cluedo mansion and interrupts the guys ‘casually working out’. He performs his usual magic trick of pulling a date card from its concealed hiding space deep inside his hair, along with some loose change for the parking machine.

Ch10 has decided to be just like Ch9 and completely rip off Ch7 with yet another version of MKR. The boys each have to cook a dinner course for Sam. Sounds like this roll of the Cluedo dice was The Cook in The Instant Restaurant with the Wilted Spinach.

Richie takes on canapes or as he likes to call it, can apes. And then HOLD THE PHONE, what’s this monkey business – Alex KNOWS HOW TO IRON and isn’t afraid to show us:


Alex giving new meaning to steamy romance

So let me get this right – these guys can paint, dance, fix the plumbing, cook and iron. No wonder they are locked up in a house – this is actually an endangered species breeding program 😛

Richie tries to go all Pete Evans fancy and calls his can apes Halloumi, Chorizo and ‘Wilted Spinach’ – meaning it was just the stale stuff still in the back of the fridge. Dave the Plumber resorts to the 80s classic, the prawn cocktail, and I fear he’s about to get shucked out the door.

Michael invents a name for his main dish, cos we know how much he loves making stuff up. Wait for it – The Dish of Love Salmon. His soccer career stats were way more creative than that. Suave Alex chips in on the mains, no idea what he did but I’m going to assume it involved either the word sauté or jus.

Sasha brings it home with choc caramel brownies and makes us all melt faster than a fondue. Which coincidentally he brings on his single date with Sam the next day – that’s right, FINALLY – we have reached our cheesy pinnacle – the ol’ South Cape cheddar has been thrown in the fondue set Dave found when he travelled back to the 80s for the prawn cocktail recipe. Sasha’s single date also involves painting a mural given he is an artiste.

The amount of chemistry the other four have with Sam tells me Dave the Plumber is definitely up sh*t creek and sure enough, Sam sends him up it without a paddle.

NOW it gets interesting – we have no idea who is going next!


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