Sneak Peak of Beneath the Sleepless Stars

As I patiently await the next The Bachelor Office Sweepstake to begin in earnest for another year – honestly, the suspense of not knowing if Nick the Honey Badger Cummins will dress anywhere near as sharply as his counterpart from The Wind in the Willows:


– and thus my blogging to begin anew, I’ve been tinkering away on launching my ebook.

Looking for a fresh new read? If you love your YA genre with a dash of romance, sprinklings of mythology, and a smattering of humour, then why not fall in love Beneath The Sleepless Stars?

A thrilling urban fantasy debut with a twist in the tale!

And the good news is, you can download a 10 page excerpt of my ebook for FREE – right here, right now! Just click on the direct link below.

Excerpt – Beneath the Sleepless Stars by Charisse Nicolle eBook

That’s gotta be better than bonus steak knives or an abdominal trainer thingo you’ll only end up hiding under the bed. Trust me, I know. Ours hasn’t been seen again since about 1995. I now work with people younger than that.

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