I have finally joined the wonderful #Bookstagram community and created a digistoryion Instagram account for my blog. Follow along to see what books I couldn’t put down, what I’m currently working on, and the occasional spectacular sunset for good measure. Because we could all do with a little extra sunshine in our lives right now.

If you are wondering about the icon I chose for my site, it is a macro photo by the uber talented Laura Ockel over on Unsplash. Once upon a time, an admirer bought me a chameleon rose plant in a terracotta pot for my birthday. Such a unique and thoughtful gift, its exquisite, dynamically colourful flowers have fascinated me ever since. The plant still blossoms and has climbed exponentially in the garden! This particular rainbow rose photo captivated my attention and for me, symbolises the ever-changing hues of beauty, past love and blooming possibilities.