Self Publishing Masterclass #1 – Platform Makes Perfect

So you’ve been tinkering away on a novel of your own and would like to dabble in the art of self publishing but don’t know where to start? Well my friend, read on for some hopefully useful advice from someone who managed to master the art of formatting (yes, that other ‘f’ word :P). At the time … More Self Publishing Masterclass #1 – Platform Makes Perfect

Happy 2014 world

Can hardly believe it’s 2014 already. Where does the time go?! 2013 was a milestone year for me, as I self published my first novel Beneath the Sleepless Stars. There were many other highlights along the way, including my first Pink concert in June (man that woman is amazing with the amount of agility and effort … More Happy 2014 world

Launch Day

After a couple of months learning the ins and outs of book formatting – including such joys as mirror margins and gutter spacings! – today I approved the paperback version of my first novel to go on sale!! A very exciting (and somewhat nervewracking!) day as friends begin to purchase copies and start to read … More Launch Day