Beneath the Sleepless Stars

A romantic, humorous and thrilling YA fantasy debut with a twist!

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‘Wait? For what?’ His words formed a mist in the shrouds of rain between us. His voice was hard as flint, daring me to ignite his pain, yet it was I who scorched to life at the sound of it. I had yearned to hear him speak, only to find now the sound was so achingly familiar.

I opened my longing lips to whisper, ‘Me…’

Will a love thought lost to the endless gaze of sleepless stars awaken once more?

By daylight, Sapphira is an aspiring designer, trying desperately not to end up in the family antiques business whilst semi avoiding the amorous advances of her fabulously wealthy business partner, Linc. By starlight, Sapphira is haunted by cryptic dreams of a stranger whose past she inherently senses to be somehow intertwined with her own.

When an unexpected proposal causes her dreams and reality to spectacularly collide, the truth of Sapphira’s heritage exposes the false facades of all those closest to her. Escaping to London, she is drawn to the enigmatic Declan.

Yet as their bond grows closer, Sapphira becomes unable to disentangle her nebulous dreams from an ancient feud that lays claim to Declan’s heart. In awakening the secrets of her bloodline, she finds herself pursued by one who has returned from the shadows to enact a centuries-old revenge. To survive, Sapphira must fight to chase her dreams.

Beneath the endless gaze of sleepless stars, will dreams be all they ever have?

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