About the Author

Digital strategist, Indie author, Blatantly inept skier

I am an indie writer from the sunset coast of Western Australia.

I have a background that blends creativity and analytics. After I completed a BSc Honours degree, I set aside the lab coat and pipettes to study an MBA. Having held senior roles in branding, advertising and content, I decided the time had come to dust off my trusty notebooks where I had first begun penning novels, to actively pursue my lifelong passion for writing.

This blog has taken on many forms over the years. What started out as offbeat observations of the rapidly transforming digital landscape during the early days of social media, unexpectedly morphed into parody updates of The Bachelor. Natural progression, some may say! Originally crafted just for laughs to accompany our office sweepstake, my Bachelor blogs developed a life of their own, being shared near and far before even popping up on The Project. For the record, yes we celebrated the finales with Roses chocolates and dirty street pies:

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.22.36 pm

In typical West Aussie tradition, I once embarked on a working holiday to the UK, where I learnt that many historic monuments have treacherously narrow staircases, and I somehow managed to avoid sharing a house with 15 other people. I’ve also been fortunate to spend a season amongst the flakes of Canada (the flurry kind), and to pay homage to Allen Key’s flat packs whilst residing in stunning Sweden. Yet knee-deep snow simply cannot compare to the spectacular beach sunsets, quokkas and endless blue skies of hometown Perth. Even if all the restaurant kitchens do ‘close at 9’ #soperth 😛

When not pondering my next storyline, or the countless possible ways GoT could have ended, I am an ardent U2 fan, blatantly inept skier, and the only person I know who can make any garment more creased by attempting to iron it.

I have been known to apply a Star Wars quote to any given situation, prefer DC over Marvel any day, and sincerely hope the Fremantle Dockers win a premiership. Just one would be nice. Someday. Freo Heave-ho! I believe the best story recipe combines sprinklings of mystery, spoonfuls of laughter and generous dashes of romance.

Beneath the Sleepless Stars is my first published novel.

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